How the 7C method transformed a
-$2K online store into a
$1.59M global ecommerce brand, in just 12 months.

..a method that is
Beyond Short-Sighted Tactics.
Beyond Shiny Objects.
Beyond Quick Fixes.
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  • Build an unforgettable brand from the ground up with our time-tested, “no-BS” system for doing ecommerce right.
  • The 7C’s is a step-by-step brand building process that allows you to ditch your “time-for-money treadmill” for a clear-cut path to success.
  • Get an in-depth look at how the 7C’s revolutionized our client’s business from humble beginnings to a $1.59M global ecommerce brand.
  • Accelerate your own journey to 7-figure success by modeling the 7C strategy laid out in this actionable, real-life case study.
  • Unlike cheap “growth hacks” and short-sighted “magic formulas”, the 7C Method is the only end-to-end branding solution that provides you a long term strategy for ecommerce success.
  • Don’t let the phrase “long term” fool you though, - the 7C’s are structured to drive your profitability in 9-15 months (or less!)
    Hi, I’m Neil Verma.

    After 12 years in the corporate branding world, like you, I caught the eCommerce bug..

    But despite my years of professional experience, I struggled to find success online..

    It wasn’t until I studied the unique DNA of the top eCommerce brands and combined those insights with my branding background that I got traction..

    After selling my 3 eCommerce businesses for 7-figures within 11 months, I made it my mission to give back to the eCommerce community and share the secrets and methods that finally unlocked my potential..

    I’d love the opportunity to help you unlock yours.