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The 9 Myths of Branding

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In part 2, Neil dives into the practical impact on eCommerce branding brought about by the COVID pandemic. eCommerce growth that was expected to take several years, materialized in a matter of months. Consumer expectations have followed. Now that eCommerce is a lifeline to the essentials, consumers are demanding a seamless brand experience, and their… View Article


The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the world, including eCommerce. But the story isn’t just one of industry growth. The crisis has reshuffled consumer priorities, and their expectations have changed quickly and dramatically. To help you navigate these uncertain times, in this episode Neil brings you back to the basics of branding, and how it’s not… View Article


Today, we’re taking a short vacation from our usual focus on eCommerce brand to do a deep dive into the branding strategies of Apple and Nike. As 2 of the most recognizable, and well-loved brands in the world, there are branding lessons they can demonstrate better than anyone else. And as you’ll see, there’s nothing… View Article


February 9, 2021 |

A Brief History of Branding

eCommerce may have changed the way we discover and buy products, but it hasn’t fundamentally changed why we buy. Today’s episode dives into the history of branding, from marking livestock to digital marketing, in order to reveal how branding has always served the same core functions: to build trust, create a unique identity, and simplify… View Article