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Our DNA: eCommerce, eNtrepreneurship, and eStrategy

Our team built some of the world’s most agile brands—brands that thrive on change, bricks and mortar brands that came to us – to give them new life. We were also involved in bringing digital into agencies before running our own. Oh, and we happen to have a few serial ecommerce entrepreneurs in the mix. So is there any question why we wouldn’t take a step back and realize we were made for digital brand and business services specifically for the businesses we’ve loved form the inside, ecommerce?

From Cosmetics to Cosmonauts!

Point is, we’ve been there. On all fronts. And we’re not even gray hairs yet (well, Jon is getting there). We’ve banged out heads (literally), when a shipment of “great cosmetics” from Japan, that we were backordered on arrived in warehouse, beautifully repackaged (thanks to one of us), only to open one up to find after 6 months of working with the vendor somehow clearly packaged “cosmetics” were “cosmonauts” (as in action figures! Plus- who even calls “astronauts” cosmonauts- you’d think the Japanese would screw up that translation last). Then, we were rubbing our heads at the same company a year later from the champagne hangover after BUYING a cosmetics factory to keep up with, well, a staff of 60 and the demand that justifies them being there (and buying them all that champagne).

But over time, the one thing we found
constant were the systems we built.
Not automated accounting systems,
or design systems, or selling systems,
though yeah, those were helpful.
In the end we found it was new
brand systems.

The eBrandConsult
Team = Quant Geeks
+ Tech Engineers
+ Product Nerds

Also, many of us are quant geeks, even the ones that came through “creative” brand agencies…especially those. Others are highly technically minded engineers and product geeks. That’s a shared framework of how we see the world, and so we came to the Brand world with a very different set of expectations and demands. Over a decade, we finally learned how to stop jamming round product dowels into square brand holes, we haven’t just literally been where you are, we also have had to learn real brand engineering and design the hard way, with a very full cup. So we also know the practical application for you and your needs, having gone about it from every direction before finding the repeatable system that we can share with you. Because “We” are “You”.

THE Single best
resource to get guidance

We had access to great brand mentors- in corporations, but mostly in branding shops, but the questions we’d ask – they never had answers for. We had to learn the answers ourselves in the world, through growing ecommerce brands for ourselves. But we know them, and its why we still will claim, if you are an ecommerce maven, or want to be one, we are THE single best resource for you to get guidance. But not just guidance based on “best practices” from companies or markets that have nothing to do with what you are focused on (remember the round dowel analogy?….no? Hey, you skipped ahead!). No, you can come to us with a question, and we’ll know it’s not left field, and we’ll give you an answer that makes sense and is applicable and usable to what you need to accomplish today. No question too bizarre, and zero attitude, because we know there are no bizarre questions in ecommerce, only consultants too clueless to come up with an answer!

Bottom line: we didn’t have access to the kind of
mentorship we needed when it counted most
so after surviving and then thriving, we created it.

Private strategy sessions enable us to jump
into the arena, shield to the side, and kick
some ass alongside you – in real-time.
Call us from a vendor meeting (just email a
heads up as to what we need to do for you),
put us on speaker in your press pitch, use
us as you need. Or just set up a time to get
through- with certainty, something over an
hour that’s been hung up on for months.

As a group, we’re new, but individually, we’ve been consulting large scale brands to hot upstarts for close to 20 years. In every market, from fashion and atheticwear, to cosmetics, to food & beverage, to electronics and toys. Our brains are pretty full, so we like to share as much as possible. And while what you are doing is no doubt unique, the market or ecommerce as a capture vehicle is not to us. (Yep, that’s a friendly challenge!)

Our strategy sessions are uniquely tailored to your business and individually designed to help navigate the path immediately before you.




& Analysis


Reserve a private strategy session and a member of the eBrandConsult team (likely the one with the most direct experience in your area) will take the baton from there!

Once reserved, we will send a link to preview our consulting calendar so that you can select a time that works best for you.

Additionally, we will send an online form that collects specific information about your brand so we can begin studying and planning.These questions are designed to deliver insights for you and your brand

Let’s get started


I’ve already launched my brand, but I’m not sure how to make my products stand out in the marketplace.
It haven’t yet launched my brand, but I’m not sure how to differentiate it from existing brands.
I’m looking for an honest opinion about how my current website + photography + packaging read to customers.
I need a better understanding of who my competitors + complementary brands are, and where my products should be sold.
I’d like help troubleshooting a relationship with a graphic designer/ web developer/ photographer I hired.
I’m in search of fresh strategies for marketing my business.
I’m not sure what facet of my business I should invest in next or I need assistance finding more funding.
I’m not sure what prices I can -or should- be charging.
I know what my products are worth, but I can’t charge the prices I need to make this business sustainable.
I’d like some assistance structuring an upcoming price increase announcement

I’d like to reserve…

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