We provide strategic creative solutions through digital media solely to fast-growth ecommerce companies

Based on talent honed & knowledge gleaned from working for the top international brand and product development companies for Fortune 500s’s digital brands from Porsche to eTrade.com

The Birth of eBrandServices

How did we think of this in the first place?

brand builders


Well, it was pretty clear to both of us after spending years working on brand engineering, identity design, and digital brand-dissemination and coupled with our respective tenures in starting, marketing, growing the digital brands for Fortune 500s and selling ecommerce companies, that the amalgamation of both disciplines would be even more powerful as a service practice offering specifically to the types of companies we love (ecommerce),

brand builders


Well that, and the fact that the only “dedicated” firms are inexperienced solo designers promising “brands” and supplying pretty logos, doing more damage than help, so in offering the first real service in the space was a virtuous necessity, but also a unique brand purpose.

brand builders


Damn, you always explain things more succinctly than me. But hell, yes, that, too.

brand builders


From Bubble Heads to
Brand Heads

eBrandServices Partners

Neil Verma

MBA & Digital Marketing MA

CEO, Client Services Lead,
DM Lead Strategist

15+ years broad expertise in strategy development, branding, ecommerce, and digital marketing. Includes, 5+ as VP, CMO in Corporate Canada

Web-based application and new media services development and integration

Ren Moulton


President, Creative Director,
Lead Strategist

20 years multi-disciplinary background in brand development, advertising, design, new media. 10+ as CD, VP, CMO or CEO on client or agency side

Oversee standards of excellence in creative development and production

Other A+ Minds

Jon Zimmerman

17 years, senior Digital Project & Dev Lead (Razorfish) & Saatchi Worldwide, clients: Jaguar, Microsoft, Citibank and Skyy

Mark Oller

18 years lead experience designer
(EVP Desgrippes Gobe, clients: Amazon.com)

Alex Guntle

15 years senior designer (including P&G Europe)

Jon Spooner

EVP, CG (Google)

An Agency..but an UnAgency Model

Business Model


We provide comprehensive creative solutions for branding engineering and design, monetizable (resalable, unique) content, and brand-wrapped digital marketing combining our own unique processes with those previously reserved for white glove scaled Fortune 100 brands and best practices in digital brand marketing gleaned from our own pioneering work in digital 1.0 to today.

Who & Why

All our work is bespoke, as are our 20% of our project team hires, where we have the same core leads on every project, but pull from our own pool of senior specialists from our own posts as leads at agencies and innovation firms. For example, for a recent esurance product/client promo video, we brought in the director from BMW digital’s iconoclastic web series, for an upstart ebook eseller, we brought in a guest CD from our rolodex that spent 8 years as CD on Amazon.com. To do this, we compensate them as individual direct, and only charge for labor and materials (and produce everything in-house), combined with one client project at a time, with 5-7 senior staffers per project team with no assistance or managers versus our prior corporate agency 30 person teams where project leads only committed 10-15% of their5time per client.


This “team of leaders” custom configured to specific client and project need combined with direct labor pricing (admittedly subsidized by corporate work outside of eBS) is the key to “doing big things on little budgets”, and we plan on maintaining our cut rates through 2018. This is based on our goal of being the first group to garner multiple general market creative and business awards solely for ecommerce client work to define eBS as “the first ecommerce specific brand scaling agency” in North America, and then Europe.

How much

We’ve backed into the industry-agnostic standard of 5% of projected revenues for “maintenance”, and 10% for growth in client-based pricing. Assuming, as with prior clients, we’ll pick up more profitable additional work as clients grow. This is based on the understanding ecommerce upstarts could use the benefit of large-scale creative/neuro-marketing, and the impact of professionally produced assets, but don’t have the table stakes for a $1.5 million commercial. So, we’re like VC’s, but Venture Creatives, employing Creative Capital ahead of the curve for ecommerce upstarts to become ecommerce corporations.

Agency level deliverables & teams,
but UnAgency speed & rates





$ k
  • Brand>Business Plan
  • Industry-Trend Intersection Map
  • Competitor Config w-Gaps
  • Competitor Segment Stacking
  • Target Segmenting/Weigh
  • Create-Implement Diagnostics
  • Data Grouping & Modeling
  • Personae and plans
  • Positioning Maps
  • Brand Roadmap
  • Engineering Specs & Initial Examples

You Get:

Acct Director, Sr. Strategist, Mkt Mgr, Planner, GDesigner, Copywriter, Account Executive




$ k
  • Brand Plan/Roadman
  • Palette & structures/symbolic meaning
  • Personality to Archtype Mapping
  • Voice and Tone
  • Brand Naming
  • Taglines & Category Callouts
  • Visual Design System
  • Logo-Logomark
  • Origin Stories w/ Promise-Premise
  • Socia Media Brand Guidelines
  • Brand web wireframes

You Get:

Creative Director, Art Director, Senior Designer,
UI Des, Copywriter, Illustrator, AE


Package 3A:
Web Ad & Social Media


care content

$ k
  • THREE ads: -design -copy-animation
  • TWO branded portals (photo, design, copy)
  • TWO months weekly premium content
  • TWO months daily communicaion content

You get:

CD, AD, UI & web des, copywriter, developer

3B: Brand Packaging +
Branded Website & SM site


asset: brandmarketing care content

$ k

3 completed branded with directions &
reg copy package designs press-ready dileiness
AND 3D CAD for production +
5 page branded website

You Get:

Creative & Art Directors, Illustrator,
photographer, reg-tech copywriter,
engineer, web designer, developer

3C: Broadcast-Quality Web
Commercial Package


live action
3D motion v/o

$ k

pre: concept, script, storyboard
prod-director, crew, 3 actors, studio/site, or:
prod-3D designer, animator, V/O, composer
post: finishing, editing, FX, conversion
average recall: 85%; avee ROI: 15X

eBS pro videos
(brand & product)

eBS cinema-grade
3D animation V/O

Example of Our Work with
Clients for Int’l Agentices

with FX, creative, director/10 crew, post-p stamdard cost (before media): $1,500,000
ave customer recall: 60% average ROI 7x

Compare Examples of Typical
2D Explainer Videos (not our work)

with editing end internal graphics:
standard cost “pro”: $1.5-2K
ave recall: 15%, average ROI: 5x


Brand Engineering

$ 0 k


$ 0 k