At eBrandBuilders,
our goal is to assist you from
being a product-focused entity to
being a brand-centric business.

Neil Verma

This is how
the journey started.

The first infatuation with brand development hit during the undergrad years when I was enrolled in the commerce stream with marketing as a major. Based on the course curriculum, I was infatuated with creating snazzy tag lines, conjuring company names albeit some are better left unsaid, and developing marketing strategies for local businesses. Little did I know that the branding traits were inherent, came somewhat natural, and probably something worth pursuing. But with l chose to spend a few years in Banking … .Go figure!

After a boring sting in banking, I embarked on a MBA program at Ivey and with marketing being a major again, the strong affinity towards all things brand related began again. The accountings, finance and operations courses pailed (not failed!) in comparison.

After the completion of the program, I spent a decade or so merging banking with marketing where I was leading, managing and directing initiatives focussing on brand development, new product development, relationship management, offline marketing and of course digital strategy. Highlights were launching the Live Richly brand for Citi, developing the ICICI brand in Canada, and building the $100M insurance brand for Canadian Tire.

But change was on the horizon. The corporate chapter came to end in 2012 for a number of reasons foremost among them being the need to remove myself from the race and do things that I really cherish. Lifestyle, independence, passion … were on top of that list. The filtration process was already in full steam and the natural evolution was Brand Entrepreneurism + Creative Freedom.

The initial, baby steps were niches sites which then led to full blown Ecommerce. The journey has been incredibly enlightening, humbling and enriching with crazy long hours – I said lifestyle was on top of the list and not shorter hours. The biggest gratification has been able to have the creative juices flowing with the creation of three major ecom brands.

The development has involved: defining the brand’s (vision, mission, values), giving them direction (brand strategy, positioning and personality), providing them with an identity (corporate or product/service naming, visual identity guidance), expressing them (design strategy/ux, communications strategy planning, copywriting), and concluding with the evaluate of their performance (marketing research planning and execution).

With this penchant for exploring, executing, and sharing that eBrandBuilders was born –a conduit for knowledge transfer. The mindset in its launch was to make it easier, seamless, and a natural progression for other ecommerce businesses to leverage brand development to 3x, 5x, or even 10x their revenue. Not with a digital course offering, but through an all inclusive, comprehensive 8 week incubator program.

Here are our key differentiators:

  • We preach what we practice!
  • We have been our own guinea pig!
  • We believe in executing and implementing!
  • We understand the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur!
  • We value your time and money as it is ours!

The ecommerce space does not need to be a maze, it does not need to be viewed with limited growth, It is a mainstay and our goal is to take your ecom business to the next level.

So what are you waiting for?

Our Values

  • Achievement
  • Growth
  • Collaboration

Our Purpose

We exist to help –specifically- our community of ecommerce entrepreneurs succeed. It is our tribe, and by them succeeding it enhances the power and joy in our own circle. We want you to achieve 3 things from our partnership:

For you to have a complete but memorable branding framework to develop your brand from inspiration to launch

For you to have a detailed brand model that differentiates you from competitors and is like a beacon in the vast digital world and tractor beam for a large group of (your) brand fanatics

For you to have specific executional steps and specific marketing tactics to set and then grow your brand into a seven to eight figure business

Our Promise

eBrandBuilder is the only 360° branding program that both helps you construct a brand professionally while also teaching/consulting/building how to exponentially grow that brand once it’s in market.

We will give you the advanced knowledge/or execute for you based on advanced knowledge distilled from the top international select branding and marketing programs, we’ll also give you new insights, tips and tools gleaned from over a two decades of working for Fortune 100 companies and from testing and proving brand-building components at scale from launching and growing our own successful eCommerce businesses.